Open-source is very important to me. I am extremely grateful for all the open-source projects I have encountered through-out the years that have helped me develop solutions in both my professional and personal life. Without the gift of open-source I would not have been able to accomplish much in my career! Being an active part of the open-source community continues to motivate me and it is with great pleasure and pride that I contribute back to the community that has given me so many cool things!

If you would like to see open-source projects that I started follow this link.

Open-source Community Contributions

The list below is filtered to include any significant pull requests that I have contributed to various open-source projects as well as any significant issues that I have opened that led to a PR.

Project Year Description Link(s)
hashicorp/consul (Orchestration) 2023 bug fix: AccessorID in request body should be optional when updating an ACL token PR
hashicorp/nomad (Orchestration) 2023 bug: API returning 404 when attempting to create/update ACL policy with invalid rules Issue
hashicorp/nomad (Orchestration) 2023 bug: ACL Token ExpirationTTL is broken or not documented properly Issue
ansible-collections/community.general (Automation) 2023 improvements to the keycloak_realm_key module PR
dev-sec/ansible-collection-hardening (Automation) 2023 bug fix in os hardening role PR
gofiber/fiber (HTTP Framework) 2022 support getting client IP more accurately and reliably PR
mkeeler/consul-mock-api (Mock/Testing) 2022 return a slice of api.ACLPolicyListEntry for /v1/acl/policies PR
lestrrat-go/jwx (crypto) 2022 support for additional signers aws KMS or pkcs11 Issue
lestrrat-go/jwx (crypto) 2021 support for jwks json marshalling Issue
ory/hydra (OIDC) 2021 add support for RFC 8414 pkce info to the OpenID Connect discovery endpoint PR
sensu/sensu-go (Monitoring) 2019 strengthen TLS security posture PR
sensu/sensu-go (Monitoring) 2019 separate TLS config for dashboard PR
sensu/sensu-go (Monitoring) 2019 set sensuctl http client timeout PR
gliderlabs/logspout (Logging) 2018 adding TLS client auth and more control of CA trust store PR
kubernetes/kubespray (Kubernetes) 2017 allow admission control plug-ins to be configured PR
hyperledger/fabric (Blockchain) 2017 (HSM) Fix issue with pubkey pkcs11 CKA_PRIVATE Commit
hyperledger/fabric (Blockchain) 2017 allow compiling functions implemented in assembly Commit
hyperledger/fabric (Blockchain) 2017 configurable pulling of chain code base images Commit
upfluence/sensu-client-go (Monitoring) 2017 bug fix: add default subscription or sensu server will crash PR
Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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